Freeos is a new, equitable financial system. We call it a Self-Governed Cooperative Income.

This system is empowered by Swiss-style direct democracy, on a mature framework of immutable, verifiable, blockchain technologies. It is designed to be democratic, decentralised, open, transparent, and fair.

Participants earn a continuous income, for cooperating in…

FreeoDAO’s intention is to create tools of collaboration and freedom — tools that help incentivise people to cooperate and work together.

To fulfil this intention, FreeDAO is undergoing the formation of a Foundation—as mentioned in our September update.

The purpose of the FreeDAO Foundation is to create digital/blockchain tools to…

The window of the launch is coming into view.

We promised to make an announcement regarding our AirClaim launch window this month, and we’ve got a clear picture of what conditions will allow for a launch.

The AirClaim launch window is what we’ll be outlining at the start of this article, followed by the announcement of some gifts of…

Have you heard the wisdom that the left wing and right wing belong to the same bird?

But the deeper wisdom lies in what the bird can do. Not just in how it can fly, but how it can soar.

Think of a baby bird. It has two wings. …

Answer: Tuesday UTC: 0:00 and UTC 20:00

For those who have been in our Telegram channels for a while, it probably has been noticed that we periodically run Trivia contests where we reward correct answers with environmentally-friendly NFTs from our “Champions of Freedom” collection.

Setting up a firm foundation with Freeos and the Internet Computer

We’d like to announce that Freeos has been accepted for the Dfinity Developer Grant Program.

As many of our community knows, we’ve been exploring a hybrid Internet Computer +Proton solution and even launched our Beta Test in a IC container.

We’re now looking to dive in deeper.

Our Developer Grant…

Now that the Freeos AirClaim code has been successfully tested, audited, gone through the recent Beta Test, (the Beta Test was deployed on Proton and the Internet Computer) our development team has been busy at work preparing for the Governance Phase.

NOTE: The launch of the AirClaim is not affected…

No time for bespoke articles this week—just time for a MEGA update!

It may have seemed the Freeos team launched the Beta Test and suddenly went into radio silence—but all that reflects was how much was going on this month.

Much of these updates will feed into future articles, but for now we have to offer a short, concise update of where…

BPs make the Proton blocks go ‘round…

Freeos has been fortunate to have had the support a few of the supportive superstars of the Proton ecosystem: EOSUSA, ProtonNZ and ProtonMT.

EOSUSA was the first, and helped put Proton on the map for us. We had reached out to ask some questions and received dedicated time, and a…

Our Freeos AirClaim is going into an Open Beta testing phase starting 12am UTC, August 5th 2021.

And you are all invited to join!

To prepare:

  1. Download the Proton Wallet and setup an account.
  2. Either verify your account in the wallet OR get some free FOOBAR test tokens for staking.

J. Kelsey

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